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Great advantages offered by CAD-CAM

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It is easy to say that among the great advantages offered by a CAD-CAM include greater productivity and an optimized workflow for your CNC manufacturing process that can literally increase performance and production by up to 50%. However; there are more advantages that make the CAD-CAM a success.

Here are some of the best advantages that your manufacturing business can achieve by adding CAD-CAM software.

  1. Increase in Programming – By adding CAD-CAM software to your CNC toolbox, you can open up possibilities for your business that may not have been there before. A CAD- CAM can help a workshop to manage and create trace programs and Numerical Control for complex machining projects such as meld work. These types of jobs are almost impossible to calculate by hand or even through the use of canned machine cycles. A CAD-CAM system completely automates the process.
  2. Makes you more Accessible to Customers- By using CAD-CAM in your store, you have the advantage of receiving CAD models from customers faster and easier than ever. You can open CAD files easily and perform simulations that provide valuable information for you in the quote process, such as calculating cycle times. You can deliver products to the market faster and more accessible than ever. This has a lot to do with the technological advances in china machining service and CAD-CAM technology. The software allows users to design faster, manage projects, simulate and machine faster than ever.
  3. Control Improvement over Programming- the CAD-CAM system includes a manager tree that allows you to manage jobs from start to finish. You have total control over the process, actions, work coordinates and tools, as well as access to all available machining operations that determine how the part is machined, as well as the output of the Numerical Control. A CAM tree has many advantages, such as saving and machining the loading of templates, copy and paste operations of machining, rearranging the sequence of work, the tool stroke so that if a CAD edition is made to the part, all trajectories are updated and much more. These control capabilities lead to perfectly finished parts consistently.
  4. Wizards Machining Removes Doubts- The CAD-CAM system offers the necessary automation to maximize the efficiency of programming. It eliminates the doubts of the assistants of mechanized, the programming, the election of styles of trajectory, the management of cutter, the election of the adjustments of compensation, as well as many other important parameters that have to do with the creation of the stroke of tool. Wizards allows new programmers to succeed faster while still offering advanced programmers with public services and the confidence to program error-free pieces regardless of their complexity.
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