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What are the different types of CNC machine tools?

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Due to the different processes involved in CNC precision machining, it requires different pieces of equipment to make it work. In some cases, these tools are put on a single machine, and the machinist only has to start and stop the process.

In some other situations, the tools have to be placed on different machines, and the machinist will have to move the workpiece/raw material from one machine to another. For example, machines used in CNC precision machining includes:

CNC Turning Equipment
Turning is a precision CNC machining process that involves rotating the workpiece next to a rotating single-point cutting tool. The most popular tools used for turning processes are lathes, such as turret lathes, engine lathes, and engine-purpose lathes. Other turning equipment includes straight turning, taper turning, external grooves, and threads.

CNC Milling Equipment
Milling is the precise machining process that involves using rotary cutters to remove excess material from a workpiece. It involves several types of mills. Examples of such mills include end mills, chamfer mills, and helical mills. The CNC-enabled mills also include hand milling machines, plain milling machines, universal milling machines, and universal milling machines. These machines either have a horizontal or vertical orientation.

CNC Drilling Equipment
Drilling is a precise machining process that uses rotating multi-point drill bits to create cylindrical holes in raw materials/workpieces. Also, the design of the drill bits allows the chips off the workpiece to fall away from it, which keeps the drilled holes neat. Examples of common drill bits used in CNC machining processes include spotting drills (for making shallow or pilot holes), peck drills (for reducing the number of chips on the workpiece), screw machine drills (for producing holes without a pilot hole), and chucking reamers (for enlarging previously produced holes). There are also drill presses, which are drill bits made for a particular drilling task.

CNC Electric Discharge Mining Equipment
Electrical Discharge Mining is a precise machining process that uses electrical discharges (sparks) to obtain the finished product. The setup is made up of the tool electrode (tool) and the workpiece electrode (workpiece) separated by a dielectric fluid and subject to an electrical voltage. The process is also known as spark machining, spark eroding, burning, die sinking, or wire erosion.

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