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Low volume CNC machining VS high-volume CNC machining

Sage Metal Parts > Blog > Low volume CNC machining VS high-volume CNC machining

CNC machining is a manufacturing process used in making products of different dimensions. For many people, using CNC production machining is based on many factors such as cost and capabilities. Therefore, there is a distinction in the volume of products when using the process. CNC production machining is in two ways. There is a low volume CNC machining and high-volume CNC machining.

Low volume CNC machining

Low volume CNC machining is a CNC machining service directed towards making small fully-produced parts in a small limit. Normally the limit is about 50-1000 pieces. Low volume CNC machining also called small batch CNC machining is now popular because of the following:

It bridges the production scale of prototypes and original predicts.
There is a cost reduction.
There is an increase in access to markets that are just emerging.
It is ideal for products with short life cycles.
There is an ease in changing design.

High volume CNC machining

High volume CNC machining is used to mass production of large amounts of materials (more than1000 parts) while keeping the quality in check. It is many industries’ ideal process because they get to spend less to get many parts.

High volume CNC machining also called large scale CNC machining is popular because of reduced labor and lesser price.

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