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Development status of precision machining industry

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China’s manufacturing and processing industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and is also undergoing industrial transformation and upgrading step by step. It is no longer just the world’s processing plant as it used to be, it has entered the forefront of the world with precision machining technology.

Precision machining is a very important link in many manufacturing fields. For example, many industries such as automobiles, military industry, medical treatment, computers, and communications require the use of precision hardware and precision parts. As a labor-intensive industry, the export of precision parts, precision hardware and other products plays a very important role in export trade.

At present, the entire precision machining industry is already outward-oriented. It has developed, which means that many companies are willing to give the parts to different suppliers instead of relying on their own production as before. China precision parts accounts for an increasing proportion of exports. This almost shows that more and more precision parts manufacturing of multinational companies are shifting to China. China precision parts processing industry has achieved rapid development, and some aspects have reached the world’s leading level.

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